• AtomicErgo Podcast – Episode 10 with Dr. Bobbie Watts, PhD, CPE

    In this episode Earl-Ray has a great discussion with Dr. Bobbie Watts. Taping into her expertise, she gives us valuable insight into:

    • Her journey in the field of ergonomics.
    • Where the field of ergonomics is going in the future.
    • How ergonomists can maximize their impact.
    • The role of ergonomists in population health and an again population.

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  • AtomicErgo Podcast – Episode 9 with Ergonaut Steve Davis, founder and Chief Visionary Officer

    This video is a rare and intimate glimpse behind not only Ergonauts the start-up but also into the heart of the person that founded the organization. Starting with a sneak peek behind the scenes of the start-up life.

    Founder Steve Davis gives a candid interview about some of the strategies and pivots that are par for the course in the life of a bootstrapped organization. Finally, to end the discussion there is a powerful conversation between Steve and Earl-Ray that few founders would have the courage to have openly and publicly.

    More on Steve Davis:

    Steve was born and raised a Kentuckian. He’s served in Safety and Health leadership roles in both general industry and the heavy construction industry. Steve also continues to work in academia in the University of Kentucky’s College of Engineering’s prestigious True Lean Systems program. 2000 was also the year Steve founded Ergonauts Performance Technology, LLC. Ergonauts was founded on, and continues to this day, the principles of quality system-based ergonomics and the application of lean principles, which provides organizations of every size the template/tools to have a world class ergonomics process.

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  • AtomicErgo Podcast – Episode 8 with Dr. Sergio Sgro

    In this episode Earl-Ray and Dr. Sergio Sgro discuss quality systems management and the value that having efficient and effective processes in place provides for an organization. They also go into a mini-tutorial of Lean principles for those of you who are less familiar with this concept.

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    More on Dr. Sgro:

    Dr. Sergio Sgro was an associate professor in Applied Engineering and Technology at Eastern Kentucky University for over 12 years where he currently teaches courses in quality systems, Six Sigma, Lean Enterprises, ISO 9001, and advanced material processing. He began his early career as a steel worker and certified welder before returning to school to complete his Masters and PhD at Iowa State University in small business development and industrial technology training. He has been an industrial consultant in the area of Six Sigma, industrial training, 3-D solid modeling design, and more recently in business development.

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  • AtomicErgo Podcast – Episode 7 with Dr. Earl Blair EdD. FASSP, CSP

    In this episode, Earl-Ray and Dr. Blair talk about the psychology of safety. He focuses on the behavioral aspects of safety and how to make real, lasting change at all levels within an organization.

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    More on Dr. Earl Blair:

    Inspirational Presentations with Substance
    Dr. Blair is available as a speaker for Keynote Presentations, Corporate Safety Meetings, and Executive Safety Education. Blair also develops and presents customized safety training materials

    Recent Awards
    Dr. Blair has been honored to receive the following awards in 2018 and 2019:
    • Lifetime Achievement in Safety Award, presented by BLR and EHS Today, at Safety Summit 2018, Orlando.
    • Professional Paper Award for Blair’s article titled “Strategic Safety Measures: Seven Key Benefits” in the February 2017 issue of Professional Safety Journal.
    • Author of the Year Award, Louisville Chapter ASSP
    Fellow of the American Society of Safety Professionals

    To learn more about Dr. Blair or to inquire about his speaking services please visit his LinkedIn page Here

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  • Why We Built The ErgoAlgo Office Platform

    The cost of ergonomic injuries is over $20 Billion annually.

    Ergonauts believe in “Ergonomics for Everyone”

    That everyone should have a safe and comfortable work experience – whether in the office or at home.

    We build tools and trainings to help make ergonomic assessments more accessible by being easier to complete, easier to understand, and easier to implement.

    Ergonomics made easy.

    LinkedIn: Ergonauts Performance Technology

  • What is an Ergonomic Evaluation and Why Should I Care?

    What is ergonomics? In this video you will learn what ergonomics means for different workers.

    You will learn why this matters for ALL employers and what you can do about it.

  • AtomicErgo Podcast – Episode 6 with Dr. Peggy Berry, PhD, RN, MSN, CLE, FAAOHN

    Podcast introduction image with hosts Jamie Justice and Earl Ray Neal and guest Dr. Peggy Berry, RN

    In this episode, Jamie and Earl Ray talk with Ergonauts Chief Learning Officer about the importance of ergonomic training as part of nursing education and other interesting topics that span her amazing career.

    More about Dr. Peggy Berry

    Peggy Ann Berry, PhD, MSN, RN, COHN-S, CLE, PLNC, FAAOHN has worked in occupational safety and health since 1990, earning a master’s in nursing science in 2007 followed by a doctorate in Nursing Research from University of Cincinnati in 2015. She is certified in Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt and as a Lean Ergonomics. Additionally, Dr. Berry was a past Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award examiner for two cycles and State examiner for three cycles. Dr. Berry is the Chief Learning Officer for Ergonauts, LLC. She is a Founding Fellow with the U. S. Academy of Workplace Bullying, Mobbing, and Abuse and was inducted as Fellow with the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses in 2021.

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  • AtomicErgo Podcast – Episode 5 with Kirby Mask CSP, ARM, CPE, CEAS(III), BOE, CLE

    Podcast introduction image with hosts Jamie Justice and Earl Ray Neal and guest Kirby Mask

    In this episode, Earl-Ray and Jamie talk with Kirby Mask about the compelling role that ergonomics play in insurance risk management from his perspective through a long and amazing career in this area.

    More about Kirby Mask:

    Kirby Mask, CSP, ARM, CPE, CEAS(III), BOE, CLE has worked across multiple industries to provide risk management consulting using his expertise in Ergonomics, Tribology (Slip Trip and Fall), Industrial Operations, and Construction. His certifications, including Certified Lean Ergonomist, Certified Professional Ergonomist, and Certified Safety Professional, combined with broad and deep experience applying Lean principles and practices make Kirby a power player and highly sought after Subject Matter Expert.

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  • AtomicErgo Podcast – Episode 4 with Dr. Greg Pitts, OTD, MS OTR/L CHT

    Podcast introduction image with hosts Jamie Justice and Earl Ray Neal and guest Dr. Greg Pitts

    In this episode Jamie has a discussion with Greg Pitts about the costs of ergonomic injuries and the long-term impact they have on both employees and employers.

    More about Dr. Greg Pitts

    Dr. Pitts (he insists we call him Greg), OTD, MS OTR/L CHT, is recognized as one of the top Hand Therapist on the planet. In his career, which has spanned over three decades, Greg’s been a practitioner, an academic and researcher. Greg regularly speaks/trains both domestically and internationally and serves as a professor at Spalding University. Greg is a successful entrepreneur and serves as the CEO of Commonwealth Hand and Physical Therapy, Bluegrass Properties and Commonwealth Hand Technologies. He’s also the Chair of the AHTF Advisory Board. As a Board Member at Ergonauts, Greg’s cutting-edge approach as a technological solution to the magnitude of illnesses due to poor ergonomics is driving our future tech development.

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  • AtomicErgo Podcast – Episode 3 with Ergonomist Mike Gladden, MS, CPE

    Podcast introduction image with hosts Jamie Justice and Earl Ray Neal and guest Mike Gladden

    In this episode, Earl-Ray and Jamie talk with Mike Gladden about musculoskeletal disorders showing within the first 4 months and ways this can be fixed to better create a safer work environment based on lean principles.

    More on Mike Gladden:

    The University of Kentucky College of Engineering Lean Systems Program described Mike as the number one ergonomist working in the automotive industry. Mike worked as the Advanced Lean Platform Manager for Toyota Motor Manufacturing and Ergonomist for Daimler Chrysler. Mike’s philosophy is “pick the low hanging fruit first, the free, cheap and easy”. Mike’s practical hands-on experience in ergonomics is a direct result of his impeccable academic training. Mike received his Bachelor’s Science in Engineering from the University of Michigan, his Master of Science in Industrial Hygiene from the University of Michigan and completed the course work for his Doctorate in Kinesiology, ABD at the University of Kentucky. As a Certified Professional Ergonomist and expert in Lean Ergonomics made Mike our first choice as Chief Engineering and Ergonomics Officer.

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