AtomicErgo Podcast: Episode 15 with Chris Williams, CAE, Executive Director of VPPPA

Chris Williams, CAE, Executive Director, VPPPA – The Premier Global Safety and Health Organization gives an amazing interview…

Chris has such a well rounded skillset and experience he articulates the VPP and it’s relationship to the VPPPA.

Additionally, Chris brings clarity to the shared culture of VPPPA members.

He also expresses his visionary thoughts on ergonomics, the aging workforce, and how technology in safety and health can be a positive thing, even helping to ease the pain of not having enough employees to staff HR requirements.

And finally, we love supporting our guests favorite charities. And when we asked Chris he was very clear – VPPPA has a great scholarship program. Make your donation here:

You don’t want to miss this one.

To learn more about Mr. Williams please visit him on LinkedIn

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