AtomicErgo Podcast – Episode 9 with Ergonaut Steve Davis, founder and Chief Visionary Officer

This video is a rare and intimate glimpse behind not only Ergonauts the start-up but also into the heart of the person that founded the organization. Starting with a sneak peek behind the scenes of the start-up life.

Founder Steve Davis gives a candid interview about some of the strategies and pivots that are par for the course in the life of a bootstrapped organization. Finally, to end the discussion there is a powerful conversation between Steve and Earl-Ray that few founders would have the courage to have openly and publicly.

More on Steve Davis:

Steve was born and raised a Kentuckian. He’s served in Safety and Health leadership roles in both general industry and the heavy construction industry. Steve also continues to work in academia in the University of Kentucky’s College of Engineering’s prestigious True Lean Systems program. 2000 was also the year Steve founded Ergonauts Performance Technology, LLC. Ergonauts was founded on, and continues to this day, the principles of quality system-based ergonomics and the application of lean principles, which provides organizations of every size the template/tools to have a world class ergonomics process.

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