AtomicErgo Podcast – Episode 5 with Kirby Mask CSP, ARM, CPE, CEAS(III), BOE, CLE

Podcast introduction image with hosts Jamie Justice and Earl Ray Neal and guest Kirby Mask

In this episode, Earl-Ray and Jamie talk with Kirby Mask about the compelling role that ergonomics play in insurance risk management from his perspective through a long and amazing career in this area.

More about Kirby Mask:

Kirby Mask, CSP, ARM, CPE, CEAS(III), BOE, CLE has worked across multiple industries to provide risk management consulting using his expertise in Ergonomics, Tribology (Slip Trip and Fall), Industrial Operations, and Construction. His certifications, including Certified Lean Ergonomist, Certified Professional Ergonomist, and Certified Safety Professional, combined with broad and deep experience applying Lean principles and practices make Kirby a power player and highly sought after Subject Matter Expert.

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