AtomicErgo Podcast – Episode 6 with Dr. Peggy Berry, PhD, RN, MSN, CLE, FAAOHN

Podcast introduction image with hosts Jamie Justice and Earl Ray Neal and guest Dr. Peggy Berry, RN

In this episode, Jamie and Earl Ray talk with Ergonauts Chief Learning Officer about the importance of ergonomic training as part of nursing education and other interesting topics that span her amazing career.

More about Dr. Peggy Berry

Peggy Ann Berry, PhD, MSN, RN, COHN-S, CLE, PLNC, FAAOHN has worked in occupational safety and health since 1990, earning a master’s in nursing science in 2007 followed by a doctorate in Nursing Research from University of Cincinnati in 2015. She is certified in Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt and as a Lean Ergonomics. Additionally, Dr. Berry was a past Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award examiner for two cycles and State examiner for three cycles. Dr. Berry is the Chief Learning Officer for Ergonauts, LLC. She is a Founding Fellow with the U. S. Academy of Workplace Bullying, Mobbing, and Abuse and was inducted as Fellow with the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses in 2021.

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